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This expedition will take you back to the summer of 1864 when the Federals arrived in Georgia during the Civil War. Learn a Southern perspective about what remained in Atlanta after it was invaded, occupied and destroyed by Sherman's Federals; and after which the tide of the Great War was turned in favor of the Union and assured re-election for Abraham Lincoln. 

Because Atlanta's battle sites are separated beyond walking distance, this tour is offered as a Step On Tour and is personalized to the guests' interests and time. Please contact Christine Phillips at christine@sweetpeachtours.com or call 678-910-3104 to arrange your personalized Civil War Tour of Atlanta.  

We are confident most Americans have not received the Southern perspective of The War of Northern Aggression and the toll it took on civilian life such as it is portrayed on this awesome tour experience.  This Sweet Peach Civil War tour is a must do for American history enthusiasts!
​Civil War  Step On Guide Pricing:
2 hours $150
4 hours $300
8 hours $500
Civil War Tour Availability:
Daily upon request by calling 678-910-3104

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Civil War Tour in Atlanta

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